Thursday, August 26, 2010

We had a party! It's gonna' be a photo filled post!

The Invitation!

The Cake(s)
I thought I had pics of the other 2 cakes but I don't.

The Guest of Honor

The Guests 

Surprise guest... freaked Abi out! Mr. Losee. ( sorry Mr. Losee I know I spelled your name wrong)

 There were so many friends, family and restaurant regulars that came to see Abi last night, I had a hard time keeping up with everyone. The party was from 6-9 pm and they kept coming in waves. It was so cool to see all the love and support in physical human form. I also know that those who showed up last night were just a fraction of the support she has. 



Abigayle said...

oh my goodness!!! have you seen my roots?!?! my gosh! what a shame! i have way too many issues with my hair right now!!!!! not cool!!!

Terrie said...

I love the reader board...Abi you are so loved by so many!!! So glad to see you up and about. Just remember you still need to rest!! Love ya!!

P.S. These captchas are a pain in the butt.