Saturday, July 31, 2010


Abi's room is 6304 on the 6th floor. Elevators past the vending machines then right, through the doors.


Can you tell that I am excited? Abi has been resting on and off today, mostly off. She is on the Orthopedic floor, which is the 6th floor. She is off the morphine, so now she is makeing sense when she speaks, well as much sense as she normaly does. She had an Ultra Sound on her legs today and they were fine. The will do a minor surgery tomorrow to remove the filter that was placed to catch any clots. Her aunt and uncle came to visit her and gave Charlette a ride home. Hopefully she will get some rest before she comes back up tonight. Abi is in good hands, I'm here watching over my baby girl. Two of her fellow workers were also up and they had a good visit. Josie didn't even cry, although we thought she would a couple of times. The word is that she will be moved to Rehab on Monday. I am having a hard time fathoming the speed of her recovery. I just PTL for his healing hand on my Abi and his direction and guidance over the Medical Staff. The staff here at the U have treated us with the utmost respect and kindness. I would like to send each one of them a dozen or so roses.

Now, for visitation. There are no restrictions on visitation, as long as it doesn't affect the patient care. Any age can come and see her, which I know will thrill the children that she has taught and been with in the various churches that she has been at. There is an old addage that "a good visit is a short visit", but I don't know what kind of time that is refering too. I know a lot of you that come up will be coming across the valley, and we want everyone to get a chance to hug her and see her. The hospital staff will be monitoring her and will stop visits if it starts to affect Abi's care.

Discovery won their game last night as the other team was afraid to show up and play them. Freedom lost their game, so that means Discovery and Freedom play next Friday at 6:30. The winner will go on to play at 8:30. Abi is a part of both churches, and said she will not predict a winner. This will be a LOVE GAME FOR ABI. We will have a t-shirt there for her friends to sign. Please plan to come to the game, sign a book for her, sign the shirt and get your picture taken that we give to her. The games are at the Redwood Rec Center at 3100 So. Redwood Road.

More later, Thank you all again for all your prayers.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Abi is being moved from IMCU to the Orthopedics Floor as I write this. I don't have any details as to visitor restrictions and such, but will post when I have the info. WOW, I'd to a big dance if I could, but I'm sure I would hurt something.


Charlette just notified me that Abi has made great strides today. They got her up on the side of the bed and told her not to put any weight on her left leg and they would help her to stand on her right. Before they could help her she stood up by her self. The neck brace has been removed as the C 7 vertibrae is not broken as originally thought. She has been sleeping of and on and is very cognisant of what is going on. She has been talking, which most of us figured that would be the 1st thing to come back. We should all be ready for non-stop chatter, and I'm really okay with that. All I can say is PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and your continued prayers. Thanks to everyone that has been such a blessing to the family. Most of all I want to thank Charlette, Stacey and Josh for making sure that someone was with her 24/7 for the past 12 days.

Please continue to pray that she will be moved to a medicin bad where we can get her some flowers and her friends can visit with her. There will probably be some restrictions on the amount of visitors she can have as she will still be on pain meds and can easily become agitated when things aren't going right. Wait a minute, that is the normal Abi, so may just sooner.

Our softball team will be playing tonight for a win in her honor.  Thanks again everyone.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

more restful day!

Today has bee a more restful day for Abi they have changed her meds again. Finally they have gotten her to a point where her pain is manageable. I think we are just going to wait and see how long this works. HOPEFULLY FOR A WHILE!  Abi is coherent for the most part. Her meds are allowing her to be alert, she is not nearly as agitated. Her white blood count is starting to come down which is a huge praise! We are really seeing some progress now that she is able to rest. She is still in isolation, but she doesn't know any better. I don't think she really cares. As a matter of fact most of what she answers is I don't know or I don't care! She does know that she wants to go home. It is hard to tell her that she can't go home.

She can read and write also she can still do math. She has more issues with standing but she is getting stronger. It only takes a few minutes to wear her out, which is to be expected.  

All in all it has been a good day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I stayed the night with Abi last night. It was a rough night for her. They have changed her meds, and she has a feeding tube. Because of the feeding tube they had to restrain her again. I was able to let her arms free as long as I was in the room with her. It was hard to rest because every time she moved her arms I wanted to know where her hands were and that she was not pulling on the feeding tube. Finally I got tired of her scaring the crap out of me and had them restrain her. It was the middle of the night. After about an hour they let 1 hand go so that she could move and turn. But the hand on the left where they had the feeding tube was still restrained.

Abi has a colitis, and infection in her colon. they are stopping the feeding with the tube and only using the tube to deliver antibiotics to the gut directly. Like I said she had a rough night and she only slept about 2-3 hours for the entire night. Yesterday was also rough.

They took off her morphine and are using other drugs that they thought would help control the pain better but they don't. She had a pain level of 8 all night long.  The good thing about this medication is that Abi knows where she is and what is going on. She knows everything about it. She remembers things from one minute to the next, and she was using the nurse call button on her own by 4 this morning. She was extremely agitated. By the time 5:30 am rolled around she was finally getting into a deep sleep so they decided it was time to come in and poke and prod and ask questions. And she slept through most of it.

Because of the infection, they have placed Abi on isolation. The nurses have made it clear to us that no one is going to be allowed to see her for a few days at the very least.  I was able to talk them into letting one immediate family member come in and sit with her during the day and another come in at night but that is all they will allow.
If the nurses would not have placed this restriction on Abi's visitor's we would have due to the nature of what is happening to her right now. She needs to keep all of the dignity she has intact. We want Abi's friends to see her as they know her and not have to experience anything gross. I know Abi would be highly embarrassed if anyone came in today or last night.   So for the next few days she is going to rest and keep getting better.

Last night to distract her from the pain I pulled out her notebook and started reading some of the things that people have written to her. She was shocked to hear that she had been in the hospital for 10 days and she had 5 surgeries. She was shocked at her injuries as well. Abi loved hearing some of the things her friends had written and she would smile or get all happy that someone had taken the time to come and see her. I asked who had come down and all she remembered was that Josh had been there as well as family but she knew that Steph had spent the day with her. She was bummed that she did not get to go to the Michael Franti Concert last night.  So as I read to her and showed her all the people who care for her she was brightened and also surprised by all the love.

PLEASE PRAY the doctors are very worried about her white blood count. It is TOO high, the doctor told me and he was very somber about it. He is worried about damage to her colon from the infection and does not want it to get to the point that it has to be removed.  please pray. I know GOD has worked many miracles on behalf of Abi. I know He will do more. I prayed with her last night for peace and comfort, and healing. She specifically asked if I would pray for her healing.  Mom is at the hospital today as well keep her in your prayers that she would be able to be strong for Abi and also a good distraction.

Thank you all for the wonderful encouragement from my post about CONCERNS.
It means alot!  We love all of you!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Josh has been at the hospital every night giving abi his attention and love!. Thanks Josh for being so amazing with her and showing her how much you want to be there with her. I love you and Happy birthday Sweet Heart!


I know that there are concerns for every one involved. I want to clarify any questions that we may have, on medicating others and Abi's morphine.  As for my mother she has had 3 nights that she has been medicated. Out of the 9 nights that Abi has been in the hospital we have only given mom medication for 3 of those nights and it is only when she is so exhausted that she has lost all common sense and concern for herself.  The first night it was a tylenol pm  the second and 3rd nights it was a valium. That is all she has had.

As for Abi she is on a morphine pump, she can have a bit of morphine every 10 minutes. We absolutely do not push it on her unless she is agitated and trying to move a lot (the doctors and nurses want her as still as possible because she is still on full spinal precautions) and is crying out that she is in pain, Please remember the doctors have set this up and she is trying to rest but is unable to due to the pain. She also has a head injury, that causes a lot of confusion.  If Abi is resting well we let her rest we don't care if she goes 10 minutes or 3 hours with out morphine as long as she is not suffering. Let's go over Abi's injuries again just so we can clarify why she would need a lot of pain meds.

L3 vertebrae fractured
Sacrum broken
12 inch incision on her abdomen left open
5 surgeries that she is recovering from
sutures in her hips and her head
Pins in her broken in 3 places pelvis.
spleen removal
head injury with a brain bleed

 not to mention that she has a really bad sore throat from her ventilator, and now has a feeding tube down her nose.

I hope this clarifies that we are not force feeding anyone medication on a daily basis and also that Abi is getting the utmost care. I know her doctors and nurses are working round the clock to get her better
Today they put in a feeding tube and also restrained her again.  The last thing they did was give her a shot for the pain that would last longer than the morphine, because it wasn't covering the pain for her.

Monday, July 26, 2010

whew that was like the longest day ever!

O My Gosh.....
I am going to try to update but I am exhausted.

 Abi kept me on my toes today! She was super confused today, and in alot of pain.  She had a really hard morning. First they tried to get her to stand on one foot because she is not allowed to put any weight on her left leg. It seriously took 3 people to get her to sit up and stand and they could have used at least 2 more people. She was coherent for most of it, but very much wanting them to just go away.  Immediately after that they took her down for another CAT scan.  Which they have to move her from one bed to another.  Next she had some visitors and a new IV put into her arm along with a long bath. The Bath was great we told her she was getting spa treatments and she calmed down considerably and slept through most of it and was super calm while they did her hair. Then they had to change all of the sheets and her gown and get her more comfortable again.

The reason it is so hard to sit with Abi is because you expect that you are going in to sit by her side while she dozes most of the time and you read a book. But in reality you get there and she is in pain but she has no idea about her pain pump and you have to search around for a long while to get it for her. Then she refuses to push the button and she wants to know why you are trippin' on her for telling her to calm down and just push the dang button! She is very much under the impression that she only has a certain amount of medicine and when it runs out it will be gone. So she does not want to use it. No amount of talking to her helps.

 She did not know where she was today. She had the most busy day of errands to run. First she was at the tattoo parlor getting a tattoo with Steph, then she was at walmart, then CJ's Mom's house, Next she went to the baby shower for miss Erin at the Hendrin's house and it was the worst shower ever but she brought a gift anyway. After that she was at the most miserable lake ever. But it was almost time for her to get to work, so she needed to get her hair and makeup done and get out the door.  When I told her I was leaving and that I would be back she asked if she could go with me and I told her no, She got so upset with me and told me I couldn't leave her with her drunken mother. I asked what her mother had been drinking to get drunk and she was pretty sure it was Heinneken. Then she wanted to know why we (me her and mom) couldn't just get drunk and pass out on mama's bed together. "Oh honey you already are," I told her. Like I said she was super confused today and had no idea what happened to her.

 I think she will sleep tonight. I know I will, I am beat.  After all of the days in the hospital so far, most being draining in a more emotional and mental way.  Today was physical, Lots of helping to move her up in bed which takes 3-5 people, turning her which takes 3 people, getting her ready to potty which takes 3 people. All of which I had to help with because the unit she was in was very short staffed.
 I had a nap tonight and then a shower and now I am headed back to bed. Hopefully Abi is sleeping like a baby!

Oh yea, I almost forgot I put makeup on Abi. Purple eye shadow. I gave her a mirror and she really liked how it turned out.  I also put new bows in her hair I will try to post pics in the morning along with an update. If there is anything new to relate.

Dear Abi

Hey Abi,
 I just wanted to tell you a funny story about mom. So Last night she finally decided that she wanted to go home to sleep. I told her I would take her home and she could spend the next day at home and then come up to have a sleep over with you. And guess what? She was all for it.

Josh and I decided that she needed something to help her sleep so she would not be all freaked out being away from you all night.  But when we asked her if she wanted something to help her sleep she said yes. So we gave her something and she took it right before we left the hospital.

 It was midnight.  I had to get Elyssa, before I could take mom home.  By the time I got mom home, She was very sleepy and had a hard time standing to get out of the car. I watched her as she started walking up the hill to the door. Then I looked down while I waited for her but when I looked back up she was gone. I figured she made a detour to check the mail. Nope not there. Then I looked to see if she was checking the locks on Caleb's truck. Nope not there. And then I thought well maybe she just made it in to the house really quickly. So as I was about to get out of the car to check if she was already in the house. She comes trotting up the side walk from around the corner. She was looking for her house.  She was pissed! She asked " WHERE IS MY HOUSE?"  I pointed behind her because she was standing right in front of it. I then walked her in and made sure she got to bed. She was laughing at how she wanted to go home but decided she didn't know where that was even when she was right in front of it. I think she was going to visit the neighbors. Imagine their surprise when she crawls in and starts snoring her chain snorer sound.

I think when I tell you in person you and I will be crying because we are laughing so loud!
It was the funniest thing ever.

Other news....
Last night when I got to the hospital there was a fist fight in the hallway. Holy cow Imagine a whole bunch of mexican people just yelling and screaming and fighting, there were like 40 of them. They had to call security and nurses and social workers and everything. I guess our family fight the night before was like cuddling with a kitten compared to that. Then I was told that the other family we have been in contact with, that is also staying at the hospital, they had their big family fight last night as well. It happens! So many people loving and caring for one person. So many different personalities involved, every one wanting what is best for their loved one. Lack of sleep and proper nutrition, plus boredom to rival the worst case you have ever had. When there is nothing else to break up the monotony of it all, I guess that is when you have a fight.

Misty and Matt went back home.

Not much more here to report. I love you girl! Keep up the good work! My kids are dieing to see you, Get out of that bed quick so they can get an x ray and we can move to a real room already! I feel like I have babysitters watching me all the time. How are we supposed to have any fun with them hovering over us all the time.  I asked you last night if you wanted me to bring you anything and you said you wanted a surprise. I then asked you what kind and you said a super secret surprise. I wanted more details. So I asked what color you wanted and you said pink or purple or orange.  Today I am going to stop and get you a sugar free orange lollipop!  OK
Love you see you in a bit!
Your best sister!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I play catcher and right field

Abi is doing about the same today as yesterday. She is much more talkative today.
Some of the things she has said:
I want to change positions, I want to be in right field
I am sorry I have the intention of stealing medicine
Is this the best pen you have? (while holding her pain pump)
I don't think she knows what she is talking about ( she told this to the nurse after I explained to her
what was going on)
I need to get my dad his chicken sandwhich
I need to get my dad his debit card
I know four of these people stace this is not cool I went to school with them, (I told her,she didn't know them that they were nurses) Wanna bet!

Her voice is getting stronger and she provides the comic relief around here.
She is still very sleepy, she has a hard time finding her pain pump, eventually she will keep track of it.

Things have really slowed down and it is good to be able to just visit her.
I did her braids again today. The nurse gave me a comb, brush and detangling spray. I thought I was just going to comb her hair and redo the braids I had no idea I was going to have to comb out a dred lock. When they shaved part of her head they did not get rid of the hair in the braid and it had tangled into a huge knot unlike anything I have ever seen. I decided I just needed to be patient but it still took me 45 minutes to untangle that. I really did not want to cut it out.  Her hair is 44 inches long so it took a while. 

I will update again tomorrow.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Move to IMCU

Today Abi made so many improvements! I am so excited that I get to be the one to update you all.
Abi was moved from Surgical ICU into the IMCU basically it is a step down. Which is exactly what we want.  They got abi into her Turtle shell and wanted her to stand up so they could get a standing x-ray. She was able to sit on the edge of her bed and put some weight on her feet but not stand up at all. That's ok we will just try again tomorrow. Once she can stand up and get that x-ray they will move her to the regular hospital floor and that is when we are really going to start the partying. It is kinda hard to throw a party with only 2 people at a time LOL.
We painted her nails sparkly purple and we found white star nail decals in the gift shop. They turned out super cute.  We told her we wanted to paint her nails and she was kind of annoyed with us because "she had to get to work".  We told her they gave her the day off to relax.  She has a pump for pain and she can use it at will,
if she can find where it went.

Steph asked Abi if we could take her picture and she said yes.
 Steph told her to smile big and she did. 

Talking for Abi is very difficult she has a tiny little voice. IF you can imagine that. 
 Her mouth is sore and she has a hard time clearing her throat. She whispers alot, and you have to get close to hear her, plus she rambles.  But for the most part you can tell she recognizes people, she knows names and can follow commands. As we were leaving I was told they are having a hard time getting her to move her left leg. It could be for any number of reasons.  We are not going to start worrying over that just yet. 

Kami's family brought in a really cute red dragon they found for her. It is super adorable. Her favorite animal is a giraffe and she has been seeing a lot of those lately as well, even if she can't keep them in her room just yet. 

She still has moments of severe agitation if she does not understand what is going on and if she is in pain. I was there and it gets scary when she starts riping off her oxygen and finger monitors and bells start dinging and numbers start flashing. She fumbles with the nurse call button, but I know this is temporary and she will have it all figured out by morning at the rate she is going!

That girl is so loved and we feel the love coming her way! We can't wait to share with her just how much everyone has been loving on her! 

Not that hard

They have removed Abi's ventilator. HOORAY!
She is talking Hooray!
When she was told that she was hit in an accident she told us "not that hard". It was so cute.
I told her that She better remember that I am her best sister and that just because misty was here she better not be saying otherwise. Then she leaned over and whispered to steph "You told her I said that."  Then she told me, "Misty was rude to me over tortillas."  So I think I am secure in my best sister status. HOORAY!!!
They are taking Abi to get X-rays today, they need to make sure that she does not have any fractures that are moving. She will be wearing a brace, we call it her turtle shell. They want to get her up and walking as early as today.
CAN YOU SAY MIRACLES! Remember just wednesday they told us they would not wake her up for weeks!

Abi told steph she wanted to have a Sleep over TONIGHT! haha

We think that very soon we are going to change her name from  Trauma Dragon to Drauma Dragon!
They took all of the I V's out of her arms and she has been awake. They only have one in her main line on her Collar bone vicinity. Ok I will update more later.

Let's have a party YES?

Friday, July 23, 2010

surgery update for trauma dragon

Abi came out of surgery a little while ago, as far as we know she is doing just fine. However we have not been able to see her yet. They closed her abdominal wall but left the skin open. The surgery was shorter than they anticipated. Abi is being cleaned up and stabilized and then we will be able to go in and see her.

Dave wants you to know that if you are going to come in and see everyone this weekend please remember it is a holiday and that downtown will be closed up for the parade. You might want to take a detour.

Matt got a tattoo while Abi was in surgery. He tattooed around his arm the words "Trauma Dragon". He got it in purple. Trauma Dragon is Abi's code name  at the hospital. If we ask to go back to see her they don't know her by her name Abi, they only know her by the name Trauma Dragon.

surgery update

They just took abi back for surgery. When I get more info I will let you all know. Pray for her.

surgery update

Abi is supposed to have been taken up to surgery today. We are still waiting on them to take her back. There have been some other emergency surgeries that have taken precedence. So we wait. Thought that I would just update you all. I know you want to know!
Thanks for the love and prayers.

Surgery today from 2pm to 5pm

Abi had a surgery scheduled for today. They moved it to saturday. Now they have rescheduled it for today! I feel like we are playing telephone. You know the game where you whisper something to someone and they have to pass it on and then you never know what it is going to turn into by the time it gets to the end of the line. I guess we are playing telephone. Only we are using real phones LOL .

Abi is responding to commands and they want to get her ventilator tube out as soon as possible. She was breathing on her own last night with just a little bit of support from her ventilator. They can't remove that until she is closed up. Matt bought her some slippers, she is wearing them. they are dark pink and purple.

Steph was served a half of a valium last night. She is in desperate need of sleep, she is starting to crash and I am afraid for her.
When I left Josh was sleeping.

Mom was served a whole valium last night, and she slept like a baby snoring like a freight train. She kept talking in her sleep asking if Matt had washed his hands. If you know my mom at all you know that "wash Your hands" is her motto and every one knows that you better wash your hands if you are going into the kitchen.

Misty got in around 11:30pm It is so good to see her. I have not seen Misty in 6 years. My kids are really excited to see her.
I guess Abi is getting that family reunion after all.

Feel free to come up and write in her notebook if you are available. Remember to send her emails or leave a comment for her if you can't come up.  Thank you all for your wonderful support and love.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today Abi voluntarily held Steph's hand. Steph and Abi call each other my BFFFMWL.
My Best Friend For My Whole Life

I was wishing I had this photo for my earlier post. But I came across it on FB. So Voila!

Positive Day

Today has been an incredibly positive day!!! Abi is responding to commands. She will blink once for no and twice for yes. She touched her hand to her chest upon command also she moves her feet. When Asked if she knows who is in the room she responds with a positive whether it be with an eye blink or by squeezing your hand. She has stabilized dramatically from yesterday. The doctors and nurses are extremely happy with today's progress. She most likely will not be able to remember this phase. However we will. It is enough to know that she is still in there, and she recognizes us.  Her Bolt will be removed tomorrow. Her Friday surgery has been moved to Saturday. The nurses are happy that she is breathing mostly on her own with just a bit of help from the ventilator.

One thing we have most definitely learned through this process is that things change rapidly. If one doctor or nurse tells us something it could be changed by the time we repeat it. Also that for every step forward there are 2 steps back. At least that is how we feel.

The nurses told Steph that she might be able to paint Abi's toe nails today. We are really excited about that. Dude if you are going to get in an accident at least make sure you have your nails painted, and you have clean underwear. Right??? Isn't that what momma always said? ok maybe not the part about the nails.

One aspect of being in the hospital for so long is that you get to know other families going through trauma and you get to help them by passing on info and praying with each other and encouraging the newbies. Last night a family came in from Pocatello, Idaho. One of the family members had been in a motorcycle accident. That hits close to home for me.  Well the guy who was in the accident is very critical and his buddy "Tattoo" was with him at the time of the accident. Tattoo is a big burly Biker. Long beard and tattoos everywhere, motorcycle club vest, the works. Tattoo wandered into the wrong critical care unit last night and it happened to be Abi's. This was after we had prayed with the family and my mom and I went back to spend a few more minutes with her.  Tattoo wandered in, realized he could not possibly be in the right room, recognized us. My mom told him that this was Abi and he broke down right then and there just looking at her. It was sad. He had been through so much with his friend and a long drive as well. And to see him breakdown was really hard. So we now share the SICU waiting room with another family. They are just in the stages of shock and disbelief. Soon they will acclimate.  And they will learn to get their rest, but for now it is a hurry up and wait game.

" We need a family reunion" she said.

On friday before the accident, Abi had mentioned to my mom and caleb and a few others that, "it has been over 6 years since we have all (6 siblings) been together." " We need a family reunion" she said.

Abi was stable again last night but it took til around 11:00 pm, to get her that way. She was also responding to commands and her brain pressures were very low and stable during that time. She opened her eyes and looked at me and also squeezed my hand tightly. That was the first time she has squeezed for me. She has done it for her mom and Steph, but not me. She looked at me and tried to focus. Then she was agitated for a minute. It is a really good thing they have her restrained! We calmed her down but all during that time she was very stable!!! Praise the LORD!!!

 She will not remember any of this, they have her on amnesia drugs so she won't remember any of her time in SICU. She is still on the ventilator and not breathing on her own. She looks like she has gained 60+lbs. She is very swollen, which is very normal. It is hard to tell in photos but up close and personal, she is starting to resemble the Michelin Man LoL.

My brother Matthew came in around 8 pm. It was very hard on him He had to take his blood pressure meds. Also he is used to being @sea level so the climate here is making it hard for him to breath and feel comfortable. He is also a bit jet lagged.

 We had to slip my mom some sleep aid last night. It was Tylenol PM.
Misty is bringing Valium in-case we need it. We told her it was just tylenol so she would not wake up sore from sleeping in the hospital. Mom has been running on about  6 hrs. of sleep since the accident.  Her mood was going down hill and she needed to rest. Her idea of rest at the hospital has been to sleep for an hour and then go down and sit with Abi for 2-3 hours and then sleep another hour, and then repeat.  She absolutely refuses to go home other than to shower.  She was on her way to crashing. So we decided to take matters into our own hands. When I left last night around 1:30 am she was getting sleepy and starting to relax.

Josh, is having a really hard time sleeping. He sees the accident or has nightmares and then wakes up in a cold sweat. We are trying to get him to rest but he has not wanted to go to sleep. Understandably, he is just as traumatized as Abi, but hers is in body, his is in spirit.

Steph, has dreams too. She closes her eyes and the whole scene replays in her mind over and over.  I wish I could give theses kids those drugs that make them have amnesia. At this point I would give anything so that they could rest.

Caleb doesn't say much he is very layed back and just rolls with it. But he has a hard time resting. He just goes through the what-ifs, over and over.

Dave seems very strong but I know he also has a hard time seeing his baby girl lying in that bed with tubes and hoses and monitors all around her. He is smart because he leaves the hospital to walk and decompress.

For me decompressing is the very hardest thing. First I crawl into bed and then, see her over and over again in my mind. I replay the whole day in my head, Not voluntarily.  Then I start to doze off only to have my mind pull me back to reality and then I am confused and can't tell if what has happened is real or if it is all a dream.  Yesterday I walked in my garden for a few minutes and that was incredibly helpful. So peaceful and green there.

Misty is on her way, She did not make yesterday's flight. She will hopefully not get stuck in LAX all day. Sad she has to travel from florida to cali and then more flights just to get to us.  I know she is trying hard to get here. I really can't wait to see her.

Today I am taking the kids up to the hospital with me, I took Elyssa yesterday for a portion of the day. They are not allowed back to see Aunt Abi.  But Elyssa is having issues with me being gone so much and we also want them to be able to see Uncle Matt. So we are going to hook them up with video games and books etc.

I know this is more of a family update but we want Abi to have an idea of what is going on with everyone so she has a whole picture when she starts piecing this puzzle back together.

thanks for the love support and comments!
I will post later,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This is abi's foot she got this tattoo a while ago. 
Her and Steph have matching tattoos on their feet. 

It says, "My brokenness helped me to see it's Grace I'm standing on."

Today Miss Abi had a 3 hour surgery. They were able to put together her intestines, however she still has an open abdomen. They put some sutures in to start the closing process. Hopefully they will be able to close her abdomen on friday. Also during this surgery they put some pins in her pelvis. They had to go through the sides of her body to do it. They were originally going to have to wait, until they could put her on her side or tummy. Then today they told us they would go through the front. Instead they went through the sides by her hips.

After the surgery they refused to let her have visitors. Her levels and vitals are not coming down and she is still not responding to the surgery well. Her brain pressure levels are very elevated. Not a good thing.
Today has been a very long emotional day, please keep our family in your prayers. My brother Matthew arrives in an hour I have not seen him in 6 years. We are excited but it is bitter sweet.

If there is anything to update later tonight I will.

Abi update

See her cute braids...

Today they shaved a portion of Abi's head to place a BOLT. Essentially a bolt is a fiber optic cable that goes about 1- 1/2 inches into her brain to monitor her brain pressures. She was only responding to pain today not commands and the Neuro-surgeon was concerned. They also gave her some blood because some of her levels were off and that was also a concern. She was placed back on sedation meds.

Abi also has a new email address that her dad set up. This is for anyone who wants to write her a message. We will print off the emails and bring them to the hospital.  The address is

Abi's brother and sister from Florida are trying to get on a plane to come see her. Please pray the they will be able to get on a flight and that they won't have any issues getting here as they are using buddy passes.

Stephanie decided we are going to get abi the board game "operation" to play while she is healing when she comes too. We are going to put her face on the guy.

Abi goes back to surgery at noon tomorrow for her abdomen they need to start closing that up. However with the swelling that is not possible. They are going to put in some sutures, maybe one or 2 on top and bottom of the incision it will take 3-4 more surgeries to get her put back together, but they need to start getting her closed up little by little. Also they can not fix her pelvis because it is broken in the back, they would have to have her on her side or belly to do that and with her open abdomen that is not possible. I will post more later and keep you updated. The hospital has a medical library with computer use available!  Wooo HOOO!


This is Abi, my youngest sister. She is 19 vibrant and full of life.


But today she looks like this.

Abi was in a severe accident. She was riding as a passenger on a jet ski and was hit from behind with another jet ski. She took the full brunt of the ski. She was knocked out on impact and never regained consciousness. When they got her to the hospital via helicopter they took her to surgery immediately. They found many injuries and she was not breathing on her own when she got there. She has internal bleeding. With the bleeding they had to remove a piece of her intestine, and leave her tummy open to drain and to be able to stabilize the bleeding. Her pelvis was broken in 3 places, her L3 vertebrae was fractured, her sacrum  is broken. She has a brain bleed, and some kidney damage. They have stabilized her bleeding, and her brain bleed is now stable. The pictures above have her covered up but she has tubes and IV's coming out of her every where. She is too sedated at this point to breath on her own, so they are using a ventilator.  

Yesterday they washed her hair and put in Pipi Longstocking braids. She looks so cute. Her hair is super long, past her waist, and the nurses had a hard time finding enough conditioner for her hair. 

She is now still critical but stable. They are reducing her sedation just a bit and we are not allowed to touch her or talk to her for the next few days.  She will have at least 3 more surgeries and have at least 3 weeks in the hospital before a very long rehab process. 

We don't believe that Abi knows anything about what happened to her. She did not see the jet ski coming that hit her. She was knocked out on impact, and never came to. She will be in a great deal of shock when they bring her around. But that is several days off as of now. 

This is a two fold tragedy.
My brother was driving the Jet ski that hit my sister. He Jumped off immediately and rescued her. He gave her mouth to mouth and held her in the water in his arms, until they found someone to pull her from the water. She was then transfered to a paramedic boat and then life flight.  He is so torn up, he cries a lot and is beating himself up over an accident. Please keep them both in your prayers.  There were 2 others in the accident. The driver of the ski Abi was on and the passenger on the ski that hit Abi.  The other driver was injured, treated and released very bruised. The other passenger was Abi's best friend for ever. She is bruised and hurting, her whole body aches. But she has rarely left the hospital. She is in the picture above with me and Abi, and again in the pictures at the top with Abi. 

If you could keep us all in your prayers it would be most appreciated. 

If you are friends with Abi and would like to come to the hospital know that we would love to visit with you but for the next couple of days you will not be able to see her. We have a notebook at the hospital for her friends and family to write messages in. We know she will need all of the encouragement that she can get in the days ahead. This notebook will be her reminder of all the people who love and care for her. So we encourage you to come down and write her a message!


Welcome to Abi's new blog!

As you already know Abi was in an accident. We were posting updates on another blog but decided to give Abi her own space. This will be much easier to manage and it will allow her to manage it on her own when she gets well. She will be able to have a record or diary of what has been going on and she will be able to add her own insights as time goes by. You can always comment here or leave an encouraging word on her new email. That address is:

  All emails will be printed and put in a binder for her to read. We know that Abi will need all of the encouragement she can get in the days ahead. So leave some comment love here and then email her when you think about it!