Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday is Group Therapy Day

Today Abi had a physical therapy session and right after she had a occupational/recreational therapy session.
In PT she was learning to use crutches. They want her on crutches not on the walker. We know that she is not ready for the crutches yet. Her balance and muscle strength is not there yet. She is just too weak to keep herself upright and balanced. The walker is good for now. During OT/RT they lined up all of the patients on the back lawn for a game of Bocce Ball. Abi is the youngest patient and had a good time besting all the older folks.

She is eating a little bit, but not much. They have given her 2 nights break from her feeding tube hoping her appetite would pick up. She ate 1/5 of her chicken wrap for lunch today. She is drinking more, but not near enough. When I left Josh was trying to force her to eat a snickers bar. She had eaten a 1/4 of it. I told her she had to choose the highest calorie snack off the snack cart when it came around. She asked if that was a fat joke. I said "no it's a skinny joke!"

Abi weighed 125 pounds when she arrived at the hospital. She now weighs 97 pounds.  She really needs to eat some high calorie foods.  She was scared this morning and crying because of her weight.  The problem is that she really has no appetite to speak of. We have decided she just needs to eat regardless of whether she wants to or not, she is just going to have to do it and eventually her appetite will come back.
If the doctors are not satisfied with her caloric and fluid intake by morning they will be giving her an IV again and hooking her feeding tube up again.

Tonight Josh will be staying with her. It will be good for them to spend time together.
I promise to take up my camera and get more pics of Abi, just as soon as I remember!!!

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