Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday Night

Abi had a pretty good afternoon after her shower and having her hair done. She slept for part of the afternoon. I found out the one of our friends from Life Church was in the Emergency Room at the U, so I went there to see her family. Josh brought Abi down in her wheel chair, as most of them know her and have been praying for her. She was a very big inspiration to all of them as to the healing powers of our Lord. She was in pain, but came down anyway. She got a little sick going back up, but felt better after getting her pain meds on board. As I was leaving the hospital she ask me to come back up. She was feeling really blue that being in the hospital was such a disruption to peoples lives. I assured her that it was okay, that our are okay and that is a blessing to come and be with her. I know she is getting tired of being on her back all the time, as most of you know she has always been a social butterfly and was always on the go. We know that God will have her back on her feet in no time. Thank you all again for the prayers.

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Anonymous said...

youre amazing girl.. no matter what youre feeling you always put other ppl first.. youre a great insperation to us all i love you im sorry i couldn't come today but didn't want to get ya sick.. i will make it up there and ill bring artic circle like the good ol days lol... love ya kakes