Saturday, August 21, 2010

We're having a party!!!! Wanna come?

You Are Invited

Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
Place: JB's Family Restaurant on 
3500 south and 4800 west
West Valley City, Utah

Hosted by JB's and her family. 

 We wanted to make sure that Abi was installed at home comfortably and resting up from her move before we spring a welcome home party on her. 

If you know abi, love abi, been praying for abi, want to see how she is doing, or just in general want to stand around and gawk at her, this will be your opportunity! 

If you would like to have dinner at JB's, Kids eat free! 
Rumor has it JB's will be providing drinks and the family will be serving Happy Your Home Cake!

Please post a comment here if you think you might be attending so we have an idea of how much room we will need!


Anonymous said...

I will come on one condition!--I am VIP


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hot Mama and family want to be VIP too :)
I have surgery on Tuesday but should be released on Wednesday, I will tell them to let me out. Cause we wouldn't miss it for the world.
Can't guarantee the amount of time we will stay but yes consider us reserved.
Love--- Kris, Joe and Kami <3

Jolene said...

:( Ahh - I have class during that time - or I would SO be there - have some cake for me and give Abi a big hug too!

John said...

We will be there!!!

John, Marisa, Braden, and Sierra

MomOfOneMore said...

We'll be there! Not sure what time we'll make it, but we'll make it!
Angie and the gang.

Anonymous said...

We'll plan on it. love...cheva & kent

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'll miss your party, Abi. I'll still be in rehab after my surgery. Otherwise -

Hugs form me, ~ann

Anonymous said...

That is HUGS FROM ME - to YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Dad (Jerry) and my girls (Summer & Alyssa) will be there... Kyle & I have to work late, so if we get off in time we will show up later! Bart will be back on the road by then :(
we love you abi yo-yo! keep doing good <3
the burnside's