Thursday, August 12, 2010

catching up!

Wow if it weren't for Dave helping with this blog I don't think you would have any updates! It is a good thing we make a great team  LOL!

I got to stay the night with Abi last night and I forgot to take my camera. I was bummed about it. I really want some pictures of her walking. Even though she thinks she looks like a granny with a walker.

 Today I was able to get Abi to drink 7 ounces of a carnation instant breakfast. But it has to be chocolate or she won't touch it! I had to push it constantly, even in therapy, when she was taking breaks. She ate a few potato chips for me also. When I talked to her a few minutes ago she said she ate a few bites of her chicken at dinner. They finally have her feeding tube turned way down at night. Hopefully after a few nights of this she will start to get an appetite. She has no desire for any kind of food whatsoever, so we just have to force her to try a few bites. The problem with not taking in enough calories is that her body will start to consume itself with the energy it needs to recover from her therapies.

I am also hoping that she can start blogging just a bit every few days. I think it will be therapeutic for her. You can now catch her on facebook as well once or twice a day. She wears out extremely easily so she won't spend much time on it, mostly she wants to sleep more than anything.

Recreational and occupational therapy want to take her to the gateway shopping. She said it would ruin her reputation to be caught down there in a walker. Then they said they should go out to lunch at a restaurant and she said she wasn't hungry.  They suggested going for a ride on the Trax train but it seemed too overwhelming of a thought for her. Maybe next week some of these ideas will seem more appealing. Mostly I think her lack of energy eclipses everything else in her life!

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