Friday, August 6, 2010

No news is good news?

I don't have a whole lot to report today. I was only able to see Abi for about and hour yesterday.

 Her friend Geri came up and stayed with her in the afternoon. Which gave us all a rest. 
The night before she was vomiting a lot and that put a damper on her therapy the next morning. If you don't sleep, you don't have the energy to do rehab. She sleeps a lot. Mostly her complaints consist of "I am tired" or " I want to sleep". 

I did hear that they cleared her to eat some food but for now the feeding tube is still in. I was told she tried mashed potatoes and roast beef, and broccoli. 

She also had a recreational therapist come in and play UNO with her and Geri. I think she won all 5 hands! 

She has had all of her meds readjusted to see if that helps with the nausea. 

 We heard a tentative release date for August 21. Obviously that will depend on her. But we do remember that time that they told us she would not wake up for weeks. She surprised them all by being awake 3 days later. 

This is what Abi thinks of this whole business!


Danielle said...

We love you love you love you lil miss!!! Sorry we have not been up this week. I am still sick and we had our own family emergency. We are working through it by Gods grace and strength!! As soon as I am well we will be back up!!! We are praying and praying for you!!!! We miss you!!

Danielle and Danjuma!!

Natasha said...

:P Back at luv ya!!

Anonymous said...

Stacey I know a couple of girls that would be spend any night they could up there. Just let us know if we can help, I know you guys need your strength to keep going and you have a family too, from reading your blog sweetie sounds like you have great guy. We are now connected to you guys through abi because we love her so much. :)
help is the key, please let us help.
Love- Kris aka hot mamma

RunLikeAnAzn said...

So does this mean Abi won't be playing in tonight's softball game against discovery?

Come on! I think you can still run pretty fast with the turtle shell on.