Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you out of your mind?

I did not get to see Abi yesterday as I was sick and did not want to get her sick. But I did hear a few things.

Her Occupational therapist tried to insist that she put her brace on by herself! This is difficult to say the least because it is big and bulky. Also she is not allowed to lay higher than a 30 degree angle or sit up or stand up with out it on. She can only log roll and she is not allowed to bend or twist at the waist with out it on.  That presents a problem! All of the things she has been told she can not do would require being done to get it on. No worries though! Abi got her feisty on, and she let that therapist know exactly what she thought!!!

I also heard that she ate half of a chicken breast last night! I am so happy for her. She told me she drank a Carnation instant breakfast too!  Hopefully she is on her way to start feeling hungry. If she gets her appetite back that would be wonderful.

Saturday is the tentative discharge date! It is going to be a long hard day for her if that is the case but she is going to be so much more comfy at home!

I will keep you all posted!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news all around. So glad to hear the good updates! keep it up girl!!! we love you-
the Burnside's

Anonymous said...

I know from experience that the brace IS NOT fun to put on and take off by yourself but you do manage. Abi is strong, she can do this!
Love ya girl!