Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 Weeks

Today is the 4th week since Abi's accident. By all accounts she should be just coming out of an induced comma and moving to the ICMU. But our Lord is indeed the Master Mender, and here she is maybe a week away from discharge. When I got here this afternoon Josh and Caleb were here and they were trying to put in an IV. She has not been able to eat so they are giving her IV fluids and starting the feeding tube again. The nurse was unable to get a vain, due to dehydration, and stopped. They call for an Air Med nurse. Charlette and Bill came and Josh and Caleb left. Charlette and I went up and seen Terah. Please when you are praying for Abi also pray for her. She is a sister in the Lord and has been a friend or our family for many years. The Air Med nurse came and in no time and the pain was minmal. She slept of and on for several hours. The nurse came in and gave her meds through her feeding tube, but it really upset her stomach and she returned them to the little yellow bucket. They are giving her some nausia meds and will redo her meds that she return a little later. They are going to start her feeding at a low level and then ramp them up as she can handle it. She still needs to be eating before she can go home. She is really anxious to get out of this hospital, and she tries to eat a little, but I think the fear of throwing up makes her hesitant. They changed the dressing on her stomach and said it is really healing well. Charlette is staying with her tonight and Abi will be back at her therapy sessions tomorrow.


Terrie said...

Maybe they should offer you a pizza or something better than that hospital food...just a thought. Get to eating girl. I know it is rough but little by little so you can go sleep in your own bed. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes on the prize (going home!!!) If your goal is to eat, have someome bring you some of those little Dibbs ice cream things. they are little ice cream bites covered in chocolate. No one can eat just one. Hopefully you get to go home next week. Sorry we haven't been out to visit.

Love ya

Brian & Arlene