Thursday, August 12, 2010

A blessed afternoon

I took the day off yesterday to do some work on the church and spend the afternoon with Abi. It was a very blessed afternoon. She had a busy afternoon. They changed the dressing and filter on her incision. They thought about closing it up, but decided to wait an other day or two to allow it to come together a little more. That made her late for OT so they reschedule. Right after they finished the dressing, the Physical Therapist came in. It took her a little bit to get going, but then she walked quite a ways (using her walker) She had to stop and rest a couple of times. Occupational Therapy caught up with us in the hall, so it was strait to their treatment. She did very well with them. When we got back to the room she was really beat, but still had a smile. She slept for a while and Caleb and a friend came for a half hour or so. Josh came up and then Stacey came and spent the night with her. It was indeed a blessing to see may "baby girl" smiling. She still needs to start eating real food instead of those vanila shakes through the feeding tube.

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