Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laughter Is Great Medicine!

Abi had some great visits today. The laughter was great and it kept abi in stitches... hahaha get it stitches???
I know that was cheesy, and lame. Forgive me.
It hurts for Abi to laugh but I think it is such great medicine. She was in such a great mood and her energy was great for the most part.

Josh stayed the night with Abi last night and it was a good break for my mom. I am sure having Josh stay over was a great thing for Abi as well.

 Her BFF came in to see her and have a sleep over tonight. Abi has not seen her in quite some time. Steph stayed with Abi in IMCU but Abi does not remember any of that. So to Abi it seems as if Steph has been away for a very long time.  Her BFF is called Right Brain and Abi is called Left Brain. Abi got fairly emotional seeing Steph.  Steph brought her a Crispy Chicken Sandwhich  from Wendy's and we got her to eat 4 bites of the chicken.  They currently have the feeding tube off during the day and turn it back on from 6pm to 6 am.  She has no appetite and refuses any food, so 4 bites of chicken was a good thing!  The nurse is pushing her to drink the gatorade, that they brought in to her. Now that her feeding tube is off during the day she is not getting any hydration and she needs to start getting some on her own.

Abi has a brain injury, and today that was a lot more apparent to me, than it has previously been, in her sleepy state. It is not something that is immediately noticeable, but if you talk with her long enough, say 1/2 an hour. You will notice she repeats her stories quite a few times with out realizing she has already told them. In the long run it is not something that is going to be life changing. And this is something we are hoping will just be temporary. But it is something that is more subtle.  It is funny to tease her about it and she takes it very well. tomorrow she will be so worn out that she won't know what hit her.  But it has been two steps forward 1 step back since the beginning.

Today I went to the hospital to help Abi shower. While getting her back into bed I noticed that her hematoma on her back was getting big again. The nurse made a note of it and they are going to have her doctors look at it in the morning. I am adamant that they not touch it with out first numbing her thoroughly. The last time they took care of it, they did it with out any pain relief. I told her she needed to use her words to make sure that they got the point! Please pray that she will not experience any discomfort during the treatment of this hematoma.

Just a reminder that visiting hours are from 4 pm to 8 pm. This ensures that you do not have to wait for her during one of her therapy sessions. They take therapy very serious in REHAB. Therapy takes precedence over everything else. Kids are allowed as long as they are not stressing out the other patients.  Her room number is 2616,  her phone number is 585-8066. It is a good thing to call before you come up. Especially if it is before visiting hours. She has a schedule and can tell you what time would be good.

Well that is all for tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Have a great week. I will keep you updated if there is anything new to share.


Tae said...

love ya!

Anonymous said...

WTG Abi!!! Keep up the good work!! You'll be home soon if you do what the doctors, nurses, and physical terroists, I mean therapist tell you to do. Love ya
Stay strong in spirit and body.
Arlene & Brian

Anonymous said...

Indeed laughter is a great healer (created by THE GREAT HEALER!) keep up the hard work & they will be kicking you out before you know it! :)
love ya, geri