Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Here it is, almost a full two weeks since Abi's accident and God's miricles keep unfolding. She had surgery this morning (#6) to remove the filter in her vain to catch any blood clots. All went well. As usual the timing changed. She was scheduled for sometime around 11:30, they came and got her at 7:00 and she was back in her room and texting me at 9.  She is very up beat and smiling alot. She has had some visitors and more are coming up. She is excited to see how much everyone has cared about her. She is gaining strength every minute. When she needs to use the restroom she only needs help getting our of the bed and then to keep her steady. With the clam shell brace, she is a little top heavy.

She is indeed a miricle. Two weeks ago there was some doubt that she would make it at all. The next day or so we were told she would be in an induced coma for 2-4 weeks, maybe more. Then Friday she was moved to IMCU, then this past Friday to Ortho Trauma Unit where she was only on the feeding tube and a couple of IV's. Pain meds are at her request. When she gets to a pain level of 4, she will call the nurse and they will give her the meds. She says her pain level doesn't get up to more than a 5. Tomorrow she is moving again. This time to the Rehab unit. We are not sure how long she will be there, but my thoughts are not more than a week. When they feel like she can manage to get around by herself she will be discharged to home.

We can't express how blessed we have been by yur prayers.


Terrie said...

Way to go Miss Abi...we knew you could do it. You will have to model your "turtle shell" for us someday. I bet you are as beautiful as ever. Keep on surprising it!!! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

please update us on where the rehab location will be, we had planned to come see her again thursday night, give her big hugs and kisses from her hot mama :)

Anonymous said...

yay so happy she is doing better... hoping to make it up tuesday with the girls... haley wants bandids... love you abs kakes,haley,naynay

Anonymous said...

i love you abi because of you im changing my life for the better i've got a relationship with god again and im going to make the most of my life and be the man you know i can be i really still want to join the Military and serve are country and thank every one that help save your life i love this country so much and if we lived any where else i dont think you would be alive i will need help with my g.e.d sense im sober and my minds not clouded any more i know i can do it but i will need your help to prep for it im sorry it took this to change me but i will make you proud abi
YOUR BIG BROTHER JOSH i will see you when i get off work tomorrow

val said...

Such wonderful news to hear prayers are being answered so quickly!

Anonymous said...

Abi... Its so good to read your glog and see your progress every day. After reading Josh's messeage, I do believe God works in mysterious ways. Even though it may be hard to realize, with all the negative reports right after your accident, perhaps you and God had a nice long visit and your work on Earth is not done yet. Keep your faith strong and help Josh keep his faith also. Love ya Abi---
Brian and Arlene

Anonymous said...

PS Please laugh at the typos but read between the mistakes!!!