Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't forget about Abi's Party! and general update...

Just a little reminder about Abi's party details are in the post below.

Today Abi has been quite tired and not eating as much as she should. She has had a busy few days. She went to church and lunch yesterday and then slept for 5 hours. Then went for a short visit and ended up staying the night at my house. She slept through the night and had a good morning. Although not pain free it was fairly good. Then she went home about 1 to meet her new home health care nurse and therapist. She will be having a lot of in home therapies. She was pretty wiped out by the time we got her home. And she was in a lot more pain. Tonight she has been ill again. She gets really depressed when she starts feeling that way. It is hard to see her feeling like that. Keep praying for her. I know it makes all the difference in the world! Thank You all For your support! We Thrive on it!!!

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Jolene said...

Bucket full's of love and support headed your way :)