Saturday, August 7, 2010


Abi has had kind of a rough 24 hours. The therapy sessions have been rather strenous. The wear her out and then she sleeps. She has been in pain a lot today. They have had the brace off today as much as possible. They changed the charcoal filter in her incision. It was painful as the skin had adheared to the filter in a couple of spots. Also the tape was really stuck in a few spots. The nurses were very kind with her. She has been awake and talking with us and joking. It is so great to see her smiling and giving all of us crap. The crying when she is in pain is not nice at all. She has a corrset type thing around her middle. It is like a back brace the that contractors wear. We are very optomistic for her. God has bless us so much.


Natasha and livia said...

God certanly has!!!

Anonymous said...

I really feel for ya girl. I was only in the hospital 4 days. The bed wrinkles are horrible, and if ya can't sit up to get rid of them its horribler. And taking the tape off, OMG!!! Be strong!!! I'm praying that you'll be up and about and out of the hospital real soon.
Love ya