Monday, August 16, 2010

The Point

Today I took my kids to see Aunt Abi. They decided it was time to take a game up and play with her. We took Apples to Apples, and had a great time. Then we took Abi for a ride in her wheel chair, to The Point Restaurant.  The Point is an amazing restaurant in the Huntsman Cancer Hospital. It looks out over the entire valley and has an incredible view.  The cool thing about University Hospital is that it is connected to the Primary Children's Hospital and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. There are indoor sky walks to take you where ever you want to go.

In other news, Abi had the desire to eat a bread roll today! She ate about half of it with a few strawberries. She also drank 44 ounces of fluids today. A lot of it was Mt. Dew, but she also had some OJ, and some water and lemonade. That was what she had before 6 pm. She was very nauseated when we left. They were about to turn on her feeding tube when they brought dinner in to her. I asked if they thought that she would want to try any of her dinner if her feeding tube was on and they told me no. So I convinced them to hold off for a bit so she might try her dinner.  It makes no sense to me that they would want to start her feeding tube right when they bring dinner in to her.

The Hendrin Family brought Abi a Photo of her Air Med Helicopter at Jordanelle Res. It is a photo that they got from the KSL.   They had it matted so that her friends and family could sign it.  They also brought a frame for it. It is really cool.

Oh and Abi won our game of Apples to Apples!

Abi walked 580 ft today and did about 20 steps. It was extremely hard work!!

They have brought in a heating pad for her lower back, it helps with the pain tremendously.

I guess that is all for now.
 Have a wonderful evening,


Rachael said...

God is so faithful!!!! I love reading about her improvements. Praise Him!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Abi.
Love ya
Arlene & Brian

caleb said...

i got her to eat half of her chicken last night and one noodle but that was it... going to feed her again today lol