Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday 8/17

Abi had a pretty busy day yesterday. She walked 580 ft for her Physical Therapist. Occupational Therapy we a challenge and the Therapist found out that Abi wasn't afraid to voice her thoughts and that they really need to listen to her the 1st time she speaks. She was pretty warn out after the morning sessions and got a couple of hours rest until the afternoon. Overall she is doing well.  Caleb got her to eat a few bites of chicken last night and she has been doing well on her liquids. Charlette has given Caleb the assignment to come up every evening to get Abi to eat. Charlette said that she had a pretty good night. No nausia and she got a sleeping pill, so she slept well.

Stacey tells me that there is some confusion as to who is doing the blog posts. If it makes total sense, it is Stacey. If it is kinda rambling, it is me (Dave). When Stacey posts it shows her name at the end of the blog. When it shows "weloveyouabi" then it is mine. Stacey says there is a way for me to sign, so I will try it. Hopefully in the next day or two Abi will post on her blog.


Stacey said...

Hahahaha I posted right after you did today Dave! too funny! at least we did not completely repeat the same things. To sign at the bottom you just need to type in your name at the end of your post

Terrie said...

Remember Dave is a dork Stacey. LOL Glad to see you are getting back to yourself Abi...just eat lots more and you will be good to go. Love ya!