Wednesday, August 4, 2010

pictures before and after and some inbetweeners

Ok these are not really before and after pictures more like first day pictures and nowish pictures.




 Orthopedic Surgical Trauma floor (all of those dark spots are bruising)

 Orthopedic Surgical trauma floor (Caleb and Abi)

 Orthopedic Surgical trauma floor (Josh and Abi)


This last picture of Abi is a rare one. She is only chipper for about an hour or two in a day, Then she flat wears out! 
Most of the time she sleeps. Sleeping is uncomfortable because she has to have her brace on at all times. She is not allowed to move with out it. She also has to sleep at a 30 degree angle due to the feeding tube. So she is never allowed to lay flat or any where near flat. 

Today she had 2 one hour sessions of Physical Therapy, 2 one hour sessions of Occupational Therapy, a one hour session of Speech Therapy, her first real shower since before the accident 17 days ago.  She has had her abdominal incision dressing changed twice. She was fitted with a new binder to wear under her brace to put pressure on her lower back to prevent another hematoma from forming. Took a ride in the wheel chair outside for fresh air.  All of this has put a huge drain on her and she slept most of the afternoon until I woke her for a shower. I bet she sleeps like a log tonight. 
She has also been experiencing a lot of nausea and vomiting today.  That also wears her out.  Hopefully she can rest and get re-energized for tomorrow. 
She is going to need it! 


MomOfOneMore said...

I love the pictures of Abi with her brothers! Isn't is just like a big brother (or two) to come and give the baby sister a hug? SO CUTE!

Thanks, Abi, for being a wonderful host when we came to visit! Your little bandages didn't even make Jared faint! And that's saying something! You must be looking good for him to remain standing!

love and hugs and more hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Even when the therapy is tough, you stay tough too. We don't know when we'll get out to visit you but we're praying for you and rooting fir you every step of the way!!!!

Love ya

Brian & Arlene

Anonymous said...

Abi, you're looking SO good, and we're so happy your recovery is going well. It will be tough, but you're young and vibrant and can get thru it. I hope we'll be able to come visit you sometime this weekend. Love ya, Kent & Cheva

Anonymous said...

sweet heart you look so pretty... i love you so much... youre so strong and brave i will hopefully come up this weekend if youre up to it... love kakes,haley,naynay