Thursday, August 19, 2010

small as a wee lad!

I went up to give Abi her shower last night. While getting her dressed I noticed that the size of her work out shorts were really tiny. I looked again at the tag and it said L(10/12). I was confused for a half a second until I realized that these shorts were for a little boy! She wears  little boys shorts, and they fit her perfectly well. My son is 12 and he just outgrew that size.  Abi WAS a size 3 in womens. She is starting to eat more. Last night she ate 1/2 of her Wendy's crispy chicken sandwich.  She is definitely drinking a lot more, 44 ounces or more every day!

After her shower and we got her all prettied up, the guy visiting his dad in the next room came over and asked Abi if she wanted to go for a stroll on the patio. It was so cute! Abi even gets a date in rehab! OK so it wasn't a date it was just a bored teen asking another if she wanted to get some fresh air. But Abi was all too happy to go and get a change of scenery. We put her in her chair, gave her a Mt. Dew for the road, wheeled her over to the next room and let her go.  I did however make Shelton say he would protect Abi with his very life and he had to hold up his right hand and make a solemn oath.(ok not really but I would have had I thot of it)

That is all I have to report today. Other than, I know Abi is going on a field trip today with recreational therapy! I am not at liberty to say where she is going, but she will have a good time! And tomorrow I will tell you all about it!
Have a great day!!!

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Jolene said...

Stacey - I can so see you making him give an oath :)
and I'm super excited about the field trip - I can't wait to hear and read all about it!