Friday, October 1, 2010

Update from Abi's Facebook

Can't get Abi to keep up her blog, so I will just start to post from her facebook updates.

as of today, i can put FULL WEIGHT on my left leg!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) ahhh! its about time!!!! :) :) :) but i still have to walk with one crutch mostly for balance and stuff so i dont fall cuz apparently i walk with a limp! pfft. thats how gangstas walk dont you know doc!!!! :) hahahaha.

She has been doing really good and hopefully the clam shell cast will go away toward the middle of October. She has had a couple of emotional issues, but on one I took her to JB's and all was well. The other was a loss of one of her very good friends. She has visited the various churches that have been praying for her and they were blessed to see the miracle God has done with her. She came by my office yesterday and my fellow workers were so happy to see her.

We will keep trying to get her to post in her own words how she is doing.



Abigayle said...

I'm doing very well!!! :) haha. thats a start right?! :) my own words, on my own blog! :) hahah. love you pops! :)

Tae said...

nerd!!! LOL