Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When the presure is on

When the presure is on, you will do whatever it takes. Abi is staying with Stacey while her mom is away. She has kinda her own room (Thank you Ashton). Stacey has her text her if she needs anything. Well, last night she needed to go to the restroom and sent a text to Stacey, but Stacey had put her phone on vibrate and didn't feel it and found out early this morning. Well, as the presure was on, Abi got her back brace on and was able to get the presure off. She says she didn't know how she did it, but the important thing is SHE DID IT. Way to go punkin, I knew you could do it. Abi is eating better, or at least she did yesterday. You keep going girl and you'll be slingin those vittles out to folks a JB's in no time.


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Jolene said...

That post gave me chills - I'm so happy for you Abi - you are getting stronger EVERY day - You Go Girl!