Friday, September 3, 2010

Sorry it has been a while!

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post. I am not going to bore you with all the STUFF I have been doing lately to get ready for the school year! Not to mention that my garden is out of control. What does all this have to do with ABI?

Not 1 single thing.

Abi is still doing home therapy and resting alot. She still is not eating like she should but she is doing a little better.   She has to use her crutches to get around and uses her wheel chair in public. Or if she is going to be out for a while. On Tuesday we went to the mall for a good long walk. Then it was home to my house to take a shower and then we headed out to the Tuesday Farmer's Market. On the way home I narrowly avoided her puking in my car! We have got to get that under control!!! LOL
I told her it is a combination of the medication and her texting while I am driving.  duh! She does not buy it though.
While we were at the Farmer's Market, Abi was given a beautiful gift. It was a mirror made by Spin. It was really cool talking to Spin and then he offered Abi any thing in his booth that she wanted. He was extremely generous. If any of you all happen to be down at the market stop by and see Spin!

This week Abi will be moving in with me for 10 days while my mom goes to see her sister. I am so excited!!! It is going to make shower time so much easier. I won't have to go pick her up! And I will get to have a sleep over with her. I am going to feed that girl!!! We are going to put some meat back on her bones! Just wait and see.
Ok like I said before I am going to have Abi start posting but I am really going to push it this time! I Promise!!!

She does a ton of Facebook posting. I think she lives her life around facebook right now. She is one of those that posts anything and everything that is newsworthy, and not so newsworthy! Hahahaha. So let's see if I can get her to put some of that energy into the blog.

 Thats all for tonight, Every one of you have a great Labor Day weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun 10 day slumber party ahead! hope there is much laughter! you "eat, sleep & pray" abi yo-yo! continue getting well, cuz i need a iced tea (no lemon) and a chicken sandwich & i want my favorite lil' waitress servin' it with a smile :) love ya, geri