Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Stacey and I have been trying to get Abi to post on her blog. She says she doesn't know what to say. Now, to me that is amazing. I didn't think I would ever hear that come from her. I have never knew her to be without words, especially the "last word".

She is doing well. Therapy is going good and she is progressing. She can get around on her crutches as long as she does not have a long way to go. If she is going to be going for a while she takes her wheelchair. She says she kind of likes the wheelchair, she is treated like a VIP, which if you know her, it fits right in. She has gone to a church every Sunday since she got out of the hospital. Different churches, but they have all been glad to see her and treat her as a VIP. She will have the clam shell for a least another month. The doctors seemed pretty pleased with her progress. She is eating better each day and Stacey has done a great job of caring for her while her mom is out of town. Tia and Ashton have been "baby sitting" her and keep reminding her that she used to baby sit them and now it is their turn.

Keep her in prayer as she continues to mend and get back to herself. She wants to really get back to JB's and they are looking forward to her return. She is trying to convince them that she can put a little table on her wheelchair and serve from there. We think that would be very interesting to watch.

Thank you all again for all your support. You have all been a blessing to all of us.



Anonymous said...

enjoy not working for a little bit longer! soon you'll be working again & not get to stop til your waaayyy old. take it from me :) love geri

Terrie said...

I am shocked...I have known Abi since she was 3 months old...ok so I lost some years there...I have never known her to be without words!!! Love ya girl!!!

Abigayle! said...

hahaha. dont be shocked if im not your friend on fb anymore!!! hahaha. just kidding!!

I AM VIP!!!! :) :) :)
and I LOVE IT!!! :)

i'll post soon. i promise! :)